40mm Three King Charcoal - 10 Rolls Per Box


The Three Kings 40mm Quick Lighting Charcoals - the perfect solution for all your fire-starting needs! Whether you're camping, grilling, Incense Burning, or need to light a fire in your fireplace, these charcoals are the perfect tool for the job.

Made by the renowned Three Kings brand, these charcoals are of the highest quality and are designed for quick and easy lighting. Refrain from fussing with matches or other ignition tools - light the charcoal and watch it ignite.

  • Each pack comes with 10 pieces of 40mm-sized charcoals, providing enough for multiple uses.
  • The 40mm size is perfect for larger fires and ensures a consistent and even burn.

The Three Kings brand is known for its premium quality products; these charcoals are no exception. They are made with the highest quality materials to ensure a clean and safe burn without harmful additives or chemicals.

In summary, the Three Kings 40mm Quick Lighting Charcoals are a versatile and essential tool for all your fire-starting needs. They are easy to use, of the highest quality, and will always provide consistent and reliable performance. Try them out today and experience the difference for yourself!