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Hem Hexa Santa Muerte Incense, 20 Sticks Pack

Hem Hexa Santa Muerte Incense, 20 Sticks Pack

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If you're looking for a truly unique incense experience, you need to check out HEM's Hexa Santa Muerte Incense Sticks.

  • This incredible product is made from a blend of select woods, resins, florals, and fine essential oils, all expertly blended together to create a true one-of-a-kind scent.
  • These hexagon-shaped incense sticks come in a pack of six boxes, each containing 20 sticks, for a total of 120 sticks.
  • That means you'll have plenty to enjoy or share with friends.
  • Whether you're using them for meditation or just to enjoy the amazing aroma, you're sure to be impressed with the Hexa Santa Muerte Incense Sticks
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