Hem Vanilla Incense Sticks


Hem Vanilla Incense Sticks are an easy and simple way to bring a pleasant scent into your home. These high-quality incense sticks have a refreshing and inviting aroma of vanilla that will fill any room with an attractive, soothing scent. Their slow burning time of 45 minutes ensures that the fragrance is long-lasting and won't dissipate too quickly. With no artificial fragrances, you can be confident that these incense sticks will release a naturally-derived scent that is both calming and comforting.

Enjoy the sweet aroma of vanilla by lighting these incense sticks to create an aromatic atmosphere in your home or office. The pack contains 15 hand-rolled incense sticks made from natural materials, making them a perfect gift for anyone who loves the smell of vanilla. Enjoy the natural and calming aroma of Hem Vanilla Incense Sticks today!