Lavender + White Sage 3-4 Inches


This beautiful blend of lavender and white sage will help infuse your home with a calming, peaceful atmosphere. The soothing scent of the lavender is balanced by the crisp, refreshing aroma of white sage to create an aromatic blend that relaxes both body and mind. This 3-4 inch bundle contains enough for multiple uses - perfect for burning in a diffuser or directly on charcoal discs for smudging rituals.

Use this bundle to purify your space and call in positive vibes wherever you need them most! Let the tranquil scents lull you into a deep sense of peace and serenity - perfect for helping reduce stress after a long day. With its high-quality ingredients, you can be sure that this Lavender + White Sage bundle will provide you with an aromatic experience like no other. Enjoy its calming scent and take a moment to relax, refocus and reconnect. This bundle is the perfect addition to any home - let it bring peace and harmony into your life today!