Peacock Incense/Resin Burner


The Peacock Incense/Resin Burner is a beautiful and unique way to experience the aromas of your favorite incense or resins. This exquisite burner features a peacock's head, wings, and tail feathers in intricate detail that will bring an exotic yet comforting atmosphere to any room. The resin cup creates a deep chamber for burning your favorite fragrances without fear of smoke or flame.

This exquisite work of art adds peace and serenity to your home! With its elegant design and gorgeous colors, it is sure to make a statement in any décor. Whether you are looking for a tranquil space or want something new and different in your home, the Peacock Incense/Resin Burner is the perfect addition. Let the beautiful and exotic scents of your favorite incense or resins fill your home with peace and serenity. Enjoy this unique work of art in any room and bask in the tranquility it brings!

Experience the elegant ambiance of a peacock with the Peacock Incense/Resin Burner! This exquisite burner features rich colors and intricate details that bring an exotic yet comforting atmosphere to any room. The deep resin cup ensures that you can safely enjoy your favorite fragrances without the worry of smoke or flame, while its sleek design is sure to bring a touch of beauty to any décor. Relax into peace and serenity as you experience alluring aromas and bask in the beautiful ambiance it brings! Add beauty and sophistication to your home with the Peacock Incense/Resin Burner.