Red Sinuata with White Sage 3- 4 inches


Red Sinuata with White Sage is an eye-catching 3-4 inch succulent that adds color and texture to any garden. With its vivid red and white leaves, the Red Sinuata combines beauty and resilience for an unforgettable look in your outdoor space. Its waxy foliage features intricate patterns that draw attention near and far away. Rich in pigment, the deep hues ensure your succulent stands out from afar.

The powdery white sage contrasts this unique plant’s lush form. Showcasing brilliant flowers throughout the year, the evergreen shrub is a reliable source of greenery during any season or climate. The bright blooms also attract pollinators, creating a natural ecosystem in your backyard.

Easy to care for and naturally drought tolerant, the Red Sinuata with White Sage is perfect for novice gardeners and experienced green thumbs alike. Whether you’re looking to fill up ample space or add color to a small yard corner, this hardy succulent won’t disappoint you! Add the Red Sinuata with White Sage to your outdoor oasis today!