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Soapstone Cones, Sticks, Resins Incense or Charcoal

Soapstone Cones, Sticks, Resins Incense or Charcoal

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This unique collection of Soapstone Cones, Sticks, Resins, Incense, and Charcoal has been hand-crafted especially for those who love the art of aromatherapy. Whether used in a spa setting or to fill your home with beautiful fragrances, our products will surely bring you hours of relaxation and pleasure.

Our soapstone cones, sticks, resin incense, and charcoal are all made from natural ingredients that have been carefully selected for their therapeutic properties. The individual pieces have been lovingly carved into exquisite shapes and finished in vibrant colors. Each piece is designed to release its particular scent when heated on a stovetop burner or lit with charcoal briquettes for an even more intense experience.

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