7" Tibetan Singing Bowl Set for Meditation


Elevate your meditation practice with our exquisite 7" Tibetan Singing Bowl Set. Crafted with precision from hand-hammered bronze, this set is thoughtfully designed to enhance your mindfulness journey. Each set includes a 7" bowl, a comfortable wooden striker, and a pillow filled with calming lavender and flaxseed. Immerse yourself in the serene vibrations of this ancient practice and discover a deeper sense of peace.

Key Features:

  • Hand-Hammered Bronze Bowl: Meticulously crafted for a resonant and harmonious sound.
  • Wooden Striker: Ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip and precise control over the bowl's vibrations.
  • Calming Pillow: Filled with lavender and flaxseed, offering a soothing and aromatic meditation experience.
  • Beautiful Design: The bowl features an intricate design that adds an aesthetic touch to your meditation space.
  • Comprehensive Set: Includes a 7" bowl, striker, and a pillow—everything you need for a fulfilling meditation session.
  • Instructional Book: Enhance your practice with a guide on how to effectively use the singing bowl for meditation.


  • Bowl Diameter: 7 inches
  • Material: Hand-hammered bronze bowl, wooden striker, lavender and flaxseed-filled pillow

Transform your meditation sessions into moments of tranquility and serenity with our 7" Tibetan Singing Bowl Set. Immerse yourself in the rich, resonant tones of the hand-hammered bronze bowl, guided by the comforting grip of the wooden striker. The calming pillow, infused with lavender and flaxseed, creates an atmosphere of relaxation, making your meditation practice truly immersive. Elevate your mindfulness journey today.


Q: How do I use the singing bowl for meditation?

A: The included instructional book provides step-by-step guidance on using the bowl for meditation. It's a simple and rewarding practice to incorporate into your routine.

Q: What makes the bowl's design unique?

A: Our bowls are hand-hammered, ensuring a unique and intricate design that not only enhances the sound quality but also adds an aesthetic element to your meditation space.

Q: Can the singing bowl be used by beginners?

A: Absolutely! The set is designed for all levels of meditation practitioners, and the instructional book provides easy-to-follow tips for beginners.

Elevate your meditation experience with the 7" Tibetan Singing Bowl Set—where ancient tradition meets modern serenity.