WHITE SAGE 3-4 Inches (12-Pack )


White Sage, a sacred herb used for centuries to purify and cleanse, is now available in an affordable 3-4 inch (12-pack) set. This high-quality set of White Sage has been carefully grown and harvested by experts using traditional methods from the mountains of California. The perfect size for smudging ceremonies or everyday cleansing needs, our White Sage is sure to bring a feeling of calm and relaxation into any space.

The aroma of this sacred herb has been known to rid negative energy, invoke spiritual blessings, and purify the air. Light one end of the White Sage stick and allow its smoke to fill the area you desire to cleanse. Enjoy a peaceful atmosphere in your home or workplace with our White Sage set. Ideal for gifting and special occasions, the beautiful gift packaging makes this an excellent choice for any sage enthusiast. Get your White Sage 3-4 Inches (12-Pack) today and experience the power of purification!