Collection: 7 Day Candles

Seven-day candles are placed in a container to be burned over seven days consecutively, but you can snuff them out anytime. Religious practitioners of numerous beliefs utilize them as apparatuses for the petition, commitment, custom, contemplation, security, and recuperating. They are popular because they are often more secure from fire dangers because of their encased nature. The seven-day candles in Catholics are utilized to perform profound customs. Layer your longings in a single light and attempt to match your craving to the light variety of meanings. They can help you in focusing on seven separate petitions. These cheap seven-day candles compare to the energy communities of your body and assist with establishing a relaxing climate for vigorous meditation meetings. Each tone and smell intends to reverberate with explicit mending energies. Enact your instinct, interface with the Divine and bring your seven chakras to equilibrium for more considerable physical, magical, and passionate prosperity. Our seven-day candles in glass consume for 8 hours and are ideally suited. Consume each of the seven candles set simultaneously for expanded receptiveness and mindfulness, or consume just selective candles to target specific chakras. Allow yourself to take advantage of the mesmerizing moves of these aromatherapy candle blazes for more prominent concentration and establishment. So get these beautiful candles home now to sanctify your space and bring positive energy to your soul!