Collection: Aroma Lamp

Aroma lamps are exquisite products made from soapstone. Many of these colors are available in red, black, blue, and green soapstone oil lamps, and these types of lamps are engraved in a variety of geometric or simple spaces. Choose your lamp in any size, minimal or beautiful large-sized. Aroma lamps are versatile decorations that decorate any table or corner. The beautifully diffused light from the carved, illuminated soapstone lamp pattern gives off a soothing atmosphere. These aroma lamp candles enhance the fascinating beauty of your space with a unique design, a scented diffuser. And they are helping with aromatherapy during spiritual meditation or yoga. Use these lamps to fill the top compartment with water. Then add a few drops of the best essential oil of your choice. The empty lower space should contain a lit candle to warm up and create a scent. Order a compelling Soapstone aroma lamp and enjoy the dim-lit ambiance.