Collection: Backflow Incense Burner

Clear your mind and set it straight as you improve the aroma notes with the perspective on the smoke duplicating smooth streaming water flowing down these backflow burners. Backflow incense is an incense where the smoke (or crest) streams the other way as "typical" incense, that is to say, downwards rather than upwards. The unique backflow incense burner is used with incense cones or incense sticks. Utilize the incense burner cascade and the incense cone, assist with refining the air, contemplate and unwind and further develop rest quality. You can place a backflow burner in your lounge, study, office, contemplation room, or yoga room. The backflow Incense burner Waterfall, otherwise called a Backflow Burner, is an artistic holder that utilizes unique backflow incense cones. When you light these cones, the smoke coasts along with the burner to the base; it seems like a mountain with a streaming cascade. How cool is that! Since the backflow cones are empty, cool air from inside the burner arrives at the smoke too. This cool air gets the smoke downwards through the opening in the burner, which makes the cascade impact. Backflow incense burners can give a profound feeling of unwinding. Therefore, we see incense burners in religious or spiritual work spots, including aromatherapy and meditation. This feeling of calm can likewise reach out to the work environment. So buy them from our website!