Collection: Black Soap

African black soap is a special globally known soap for its best outcomes for using it. It is a mixture of different natural compounds, giving it’s colour a dark brownish soap bar. It is usually shaped in rectangular bar soaps and varies in its weight. Black soap ingredients include roasted plantain skin, cocoa pods, palm oil or shea butter, and water. Due to these organic components of soap, its results are praiseworthy. Black soap is free from fragrances, extra colouring dyes, additional additives, or adulterated substances. We know that black soap's shocking results towards dark spots and acne as its antiseptic are breathtaking. Using black soap will experience moisturized skin, dead skin clearing, and exfoliation. Few properties of soap include: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal. Black soap is also being used in the treatment of eczema or psoriasis. The best suitable soap for sensitive skin or has blemishes. Black soap reduces uneven tone skin and maintains the glow and hydration of the skin. Do check out our African black soap nothing works for you. This soap would be the best suit for your skin. Grab yours, order your black soap to pamper, and enjoy your beautiful clear skin.