Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are used in various American Indian tribes to affect people's dreams. Unique dream catchers are handcraft formed from a circular hoop (willow wood) braided with a loose web of yarn. Dream catchers are weaved with beads, brightly colored embellishments, and feathers that dangle below the hoop and tails. The dream catcher's hair catches the passing dreams as it dangles above your bed and freely in the air. Dreams know how to slide through the outer holes of the dream catcher and glide down the delicate feathers so gently that the sleeper is often unconscious that they are dreaming. Bad dreams that have no idea where they're heading become entangled in the dream catcher and perish with it the first light of the new day The spiritual meaning of dream catchers helps you avoid bad and negative thoughts and instill optimism in your surroundings. Dream catcher designs are bright ornamentals that thrive in your environment. Now you can buy a dream catcher online from our website.


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Indian Dream Catcher
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