Collection: Miscellaneous

In this miscellaneous collection, we exhibit Cologne: Spiritual and emotional instruction provided by the exquisite perfume of the Siete Macho. It is used to block bad energy. Urania Siete Machos Cologne uses one person to draw in love, prosperity, good fortune, and strength. Shampoo: Siete Macho's shampoo is beautiful, concentrated, and has a strong scent. It formulates with a wide range of flowers and natural extracts. Shampoo uses are mental and emotional help and guidance. It is used to block negative energy and attract love. The scent is pale musk and very pleasant. Bracelet: Rose quartz stone used as jewelry, meditation, or home or office decoration. Wearing a rose quartz stone bracelet brings emotional healing, love, joy, and peace. Crystals and stones: Citrine crystal benefits are to enhance self-discipline and willpower. The properties of these crystals are used to attract professional success and prosperity. Transparent quartz stone is known for its energizing and purifying properties. It solves the problem and maximizes the possibilities. These are powerful products designed to help you find success and happiness and meet your needs. Shop from our website, Modern aromatherapy, and we would love to read your reviews.