Collection: Natural Herbs

These are smudge sticks made out of natural herbs. Dried herbs are wrapped with strings of different sizes. Like incense, these wild herbs and smudge sticks can be used for spiritual rituals, cleansing, and meditation. Plants primarily used in these bundles include cedar and sage. This tradition originates from the North American Natives. They used to use these in sacred rituals. Whenever you feel low or need a positivity booster in your life, burn some natural herbs and relax in the powerful aroma. You will feel the positive energy flow around you, and your creativity will be at its peak. You will feel as if you have taken a spiritual shower! Smudging is most popular amongst people who have difficulty sleeping or face conditions like insomnia. You will find yourself sleeping better and deeply surrounded by the fresh aroma of these natural herbs. Tensions, stress, and anxiety will also be alleviated from your mind when you breathe into the air. Mentally transport yourself into your safe space and feel spiritually connected to the universe. Smudging natural herbs symbolizes spirituality, healing, and peace.