Nikhil Incense

Discover the enchantment of traditional Indian incense with Nikhil Products' exquisite collection. Since 1986, our passion for crafting hand-rolled incense sticks, cones, dhoops, and powders has set us apart. Each incense piece in our collection is a testament to our commitment to quality and the ancient art of agarbathies. Please choose from our two signature types: the Black Incense, steeped in age-old traditions with charcoal sticks dipped in unique, exotic fragrances, and the Masala Incense, a natural masterpiece where the fragrant dough is enriched with pure resins, herbs, and essential oils, lovingly hand-rolled onto bamboo sticks. Experience the difference of a personal touch with Nikhil Incense - where heritage meets harmony. Elevate your senses and transform your space with our aromatic wonders. Explore our range today and find your perfect scent.

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