Collection: Rope Incense

Rope Incense is one of the most remarkable, customary, and high-quality incense types that you will probably go over from Nepal and Tibet. In the Himalayas, rope incense making is an interaction passed from one generation to another. The dried spices and scented botanicals are finely powdered and enveloped by a segment of hand-arranged Nepali "lokta" paper, which is then twisted to shape a rope-like stick, prepared to use. Our collection category contains different Rope incense-like Himalayan and Lumbini rope incenseHimalayan rope incense benefits soothing your faculties to relieve the stress. Lumbini rope incense is utilized in Stupas, Temples, and drawing spaces for a sweet-smelling feel and spiritual enlightenment. You must be wondering how to burn Rope incense? So, to consume your Rope Incense Nepal, light one end as you would light a standard incense stick. When it’s land, allow the fire to permit the bar to seethe and deliver its sweet-smelling smoke. Rest a rope incense stick in a heatproof dish of sand or debris or a Rope Incense Burner. It is made by setting sweet-smelling spices, pitches, and different mixtures into thick rice paper that make it smell heavenly and, in return, improve your well-being. Our incense creates a significant smoke that rapidly overwhelms a little room. So do not waste any second and get your rope incense!