Collection: Satya Nag Champa Series Incense

The natural and botanical fragrance of Nag Champa is inseparable from the countries of India and Nepal. This complicated incense is alleviating and warm, produced using the nature-rich elements of champaca, sandalwood, and the Halmaddi tree. Due to the serene energies and smooth mindsets, our nag champa incenses are used in aromatherapy and are incredible when used in reflection practices. Our Nag Champa is sweet and warming, with all gold, daylight, and blossoms in your hair. On account of its association with the Halmaddi tree, it has a woodsy aroma that conveys notes of dampness. Champaca is a comparative bloom to the magnolia, implying that you get a light and sweet smell of notes of fresh orange flavour. Our best Satya Nagchampa incense category is known for its quieting impact and profoundly otherworldly affiliation. Nag Champa Incense benefits the individuals who need to quiet their minds, reconnect to their internal way, and upgrade their thoughtful work. Consuming Nag Champa agarbatti will carry euphoria to the room. Being one of the most quieting and relieving aromas, Nag Champa can rapidly scrub and clean the air and pursue away all shades of antagonism. Assuming you feel restless in space or there is a feeling of anxiety, go and light up a sweet Nag Champa stick of your choice to clear any negative energy.