Collection: Sri Durga Spiritual Series Incense

Spiritual Durga Series Incense sticks have an enchanting aroma that fills your room with positivity. Also known as masala sticks, these sticks are hand-rolled with love in India. Buying these incense sticks won’t only benefit you but also the women making these in India, as they are given fair wages as part of a sustainable business program. These women belong to rural areas, and people give them a chance to earn. Spiritual incense infuses with organic essential oils that help increase dopamine, reduce stress, and create a calm environment. Each stick is unique as it is made with love and care by hard-working women. So, light one stick and enjoy the serenity. Let the positive energy flow through your space, eliminating stress. Spiritual Durga Series Incense is entirely safe to use since no artificial scents add up in the making of this product. The aroma it spreads is uplifting and helps decrease negative feelings. These sticks are non-toxic and organic. One box is 15 grams and contains approximately ten incense sticks. Use these when you have guests coming over to give a positive impression. Each of our incense sticks can become joyous for you for around thirty minutes. Leaving incense sticks unattended, especially near children or animals, can be dangerous.