Collection: Wish Oil

Do not worry about the fulfillment of your wishes and desires! Wish oils, also known as intention oils, help acquire what you want like another home, work, relationship, money, independence from obligation, a business try, or even a job in a play! Wish oils contain ingredients like expecting spices, resins, berries like Tonka, papaya leaves, occupations tears, and different mystical wish spices. These oils include every one of the fundamentals you might require for traditional practices as per your goal. They aid in turning magical expectations into the real world. Wish Oil can be utilized similarly to claim; however, it is also excellent when combined with different oils or Wish/Intention Candles. They help improve concentration and power while performing spells and ceremonies. Wish oil benefits to facilitate petitions to holy people and divinities. Add a charge to mysterious devices, magic packs, ornaments, and charms. These wish oils can make your fantasies into reality by setting a couple of drops at the doorstep or touching some oil onto specific stones, keeping it in your pocket, and making your desire fascinate. Wish oils are fantastic to be poured onto incense for aromatherapy benefits and can be sprinkled on wish candles. Apply them on the body and even shower with holy water by adding drops of our wish oil into it. It's additionally extraordinary to use related to petitions to religious people or divinities.