Blessed Be Plaque


Welcome tranquility and divine grace into your home with the Blessed Be Plaque. This beautifully crafted piece from Dryad Design is more than just a decoration; it's a symbol of inner peace and spiritual connection. The intricate knotwork border, embedded with symbols like stags, a chalice, pentagrams, and moon phases, invites you to find deeper meaning in everyday life. Let this plaque be a constant reminder of your innate link with the divine.

Key Features:

  • Spiritual Symbolism: Featuring hidden imagery such as stags, a chalice, pentagrams, and moon phases, fostering a sense of mysticism and enchantment.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Expertly designed by Dryad Design, known for their intricate and meaningful art pieces.
  • Material Options: Available in either a rich wood or a classic stone finish, catering to different aesthetic preferences.
  • Perfect Size: Measuring 8 inches high by 5 7/8 inches wide, it fits comfortably in any space, big or small. 


  • Dimensions: 8"h x 5 7/8"w x 5/8"d
  • Material Options: Wood or Stone Finish
  • Design: Knotwork with Hidden Imagery
  • Brand: Dryad Design

The Blessed Be Plaque is not just an addition to your home décor; it's a daily reminder of the blessings that surround us. It encourages mindfulness and spiritual awareness, making it more than just an art piece - it's a companion in your journey of life.


  • Is this plaque suitable for outdoor use?
    • To preserve its intricate detailing, it's recommended for indoor use.
  • How should I care for the plaque?
    • Dust gently with a soft cloth to maintain its appearance.
  • What does imagery represent?
    • The hidden symbols are a nod to various spiritual and natural elements, inviting exploration and interpretation.

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