Blue Square Soapstone Oil Burner 4"


This Blue Square Soapstone Oil Burner 4" is the perfect choice for those who enjoy essential oils in style. The unique design features a square shape and a modern, geometric pattern that will make an eye-catching addition to any home or office décor. Crafted from natural soapstone, this oil burner is sure to last for years and years of use.

This durable material looks great and helps disperse heat evenly throughout your essential oils, allowing you to enjoy their aromas wholly and quickly. Plus, it has a removable ceramic base that makes cleaning easy, so you can keep this beautiful piece looking new all the time! Whether you are looking for a gift or want something stylish to add to your collection, this Blue Square Soapstone Oil Burner 4" is sure to please. Get yours today and start enjoying the wonderful world of essential oils!