Boneset Powder Herbs 1oz


Delve into the world of Boneset, also known as 'ague-weed' or 'white snake root,' with our 1oz Boneset Powder Herbs. Revered by North American Indians and spell-craft practitioners, Boneset offers a potent sorcery for protection, exorcism, dispelling jinxes, curses, hexes, cleansing, and countering poisons. This finely ground powder encapsulates ancient wisdom and spiritual prowess.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Spell Ingredient: Ideal for protection, exorcism, and dispelling negative energies.
  2. Warding Off Malevolence: Aids in countering jinxes, curses, and hexes, creating a spiritual shield.
  3. Cleansing and Purification: Utilized to cleanse and remove negativity, fostering spiritual clarity.
  4. Emetic Properties: Marks endings, partings, or dissolutions in spells and rituals.
  5. Banishing Evil Spirits: Make an infusion to drive away malevolent entities and safeguard your space.
  6. Enhance Candle Magick: Perfect for dressing candles in candle magic rituals.


  • Quantity: 1oz
  • Intention: Protection, exorcism, warding, cleansing, spiritual defense
  • Caution: Consult healthcare professional for proper usage, avoid when fresh due to toxicity

Elevate your spiritual practice with the potent Boneset Powder Herbs - 1oz. Whether you seek protection, cleansing, or the dissolution of negative energies, Boneset serves as a versatile and essential tool. Use it with reverence and intention to unlock its ancient magic.


Q: How do I use Boneset Powder for protection?

A: Create an infusion, sprinkle it around your home, or dress candles for protection.

Q: Can I use it for cleansing rituals?

A: Yes, Boneset Powder is excellent for cleansing and purifying spaces and energies.

Q: Are there any precautions for using Boneset?

A: Consult a healthcare professional and avoid using it when fresh due to toxicity.


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