Brass Carved Screen Charcoal Burner


This Brass Carved Screen Charcoal Burner is a stunning piece of art that will be a beautiful addition to any home. Its unique design features intricate carvings of various scenes and symbols, all crafted from solid brass. This piece not only looks great but also serves a practical purpose - it can be used to safely burn charcoal for incense or other purposes. It comes with an adjustable lid and screen so you can regulate the heat intensity and adjust the size of your charcoal pieces.

The burner also has a convenient handle for easy transport and storage. With its classic look, this Brass Carved Screen Charcoal Burner is perfect for creating an atmosphere of peace and relaxation in any room. Whether you're looking to freshen up your home or just to add some eye-catching décor, this item is sure to be a conversation starter. Get yours today and start enjoying the warm glow of burning charcoal in style.