Brass Frog Cone Incense Burner


This captivating incense burner from Brass Frog Cone Incense Burner is a beautiful and unique way to fill your home with calming fragrance. Crafted from solid brass, this stylish cone-shaped incense holder features intricate details like a colorful frog perched on top of the holder. The frog gives it that extra special touch!

The burner has an adjustable bowl that you can use to set either small or more significant cones. A circular slot ensures the smoke will be released evenly and not linger in one place for too long. And the lid fits snugly over the top so that any ash created won't fly around your room.

Bring warmth and charm into your home with this one-of-a-kind incense burner from Brass Frog Cone Incense Burner. It's sure to be a conversation starter and will look great in any living room or bedroom. Enjoy the sweet aroma of your favorite incense without the hassle of having to relight it constantly! With this beautiful incense burner, you can make your home smell unique in style!