Celtic Cross Wooden Incense Burner

Do you want to add a touch of elegance to your home?

Then check out our Celtic Cross Wooden Incense Burner! This beautiful burner is carved from wood and features a Celtic cross design. The center has a small brass cup for burning cones, and there are 12 holes on the surface to hold incense sticks. The wood color may vary slightly.

Features & Benefits:
  • Hand Cut wood: This burner is hand-cut from wood, giving it a unique and elegant look.
  • 4 inches diameter: The burner is 4 inches in diameter, making it the perfect size for any room.
  • Celtic cross design: The Celtic cross design is not only beautiful but also symbolic.
  • Brass cup: The small brass cup in the center of the burner is perfect for burning cones.
  • 12 holes: There are 12 holes on the surface of the burner, allowing you to burn multiple incense sticks at once.
How it works: To use the Celtic Cross Wooden Incense Burner, place an incense cone in the brass cup and light it. Then, place the incense sticks in the holes on the surface of the burner. The incense will burn and fill your home with a beautiful, relaxing scent.

Here's what our customers are saying:

"This burner is so beautiful and well-made. I love the Celtic cross design!"

"I was looking for a unique incense burner, and this one is perfect. It's so pretty, and it works great."

"I love the smell of incense, and this burner is perfect for filling my home with a relaxing scent."