Charcoal - Three Kings (33mm)


Elevate your sensory experience with Three Kings Charcoal - 33mm, a must-have for enthusiasts of aromatic rituals. Our quick-lighting charcoal briquettes, or coal disks, are meticulously crafted to ensure an effortless and delightful ignition.

Key Features:

  • Quick Ignition: Each briquette effortlessly lights up with a simple, small-flamed lighter, saving you time and effort.
  • No Flavor Interference: Perfected production techniques ensure our briquettes impart no additional flavor, allowing your chosen scents to shine.
  • Smooth, Long Burn: Enjoy a consistent and prolonged burn, providing the perfect backdrop for your bakhoor or incense experience.
  • Packaging Convenience: With 10 charcoals in a pack and 10 packs in a box, you'll always have an ample supply for your aromatic indulgences.


  • Size: 33mm
  • Quantity: 10 Charcoals per Pack, 10 Packs per Box
  • Type: Quick Lighting Charcoal Briquettes

Three Kings Charcoal stands as the epitome of quality and convenience in the world of incense and bakhoor burning. Our commitment to perfection in production ensures that every moment of your aromatic journey is enhanced. Ignite, relax, and let the fragrant waves envelop your senses with Three Kings Charcoal.


Q: How do I ignite the charcoal?

A: Simply hold a small-flamed lighter to the briquette for quick and easy ignition.

Q: Will the charcoal affect the aroma of my incense or bakhoor?

A: No, our briquettes are designed to have no flavor of their own, allowing your chosen scents to take center stage.

Q: How long does each briquette burn?

A: Enjoy a smooth, long, and even burn, providing the perfect backdrop for your aromatic experience.

Elevate your aromatic rituals with Three Kings Charcoal - 33mm, where quality, convenience, and an enchanting experience converge. Ignite the essence of luxury today!