Come To Me Incense Powder

Comes in 1/2 oz or 1 oz

Evoke the essence of attraction with our "Come To Me" Incense Powder, a delicately scented tool crafted to draw your deepest desires closer to you. This incense is specifically formulated to attract love, bind romantic feelings, and enhance sexual love. Its potent yet gentle aroma is perfect for creating a mesmerizing atmosphere conducive to enchantment. Ideal for use in personal rituals or in crafting gris-gris bags, this self-lighting powder is easy to use. Simply place a small amount in a burn-safe bowl or cauldron and ignite it to unleash its magnetic properties.

Key Features:

  • Purpose-Driven Blend: Tailored to attract love and desire.
  • Light, Seductive Scent: Enhances the ambiance for romantic rituals.
  • Easy to Use: Self-lighting powder for convenient use in rituals.
  • Versatile in Practice: Suitable for gris-gris bags and personal ceremonies.
  • Safe and Controlled Burning: Designed to burn in a cauldron or fire-proof container.


  • Type: Incense Powder
  • Usage: Attracting love, binding romantic feelings
  • Method: Self-lighting, requires burn-safe container
  • Quantity: Small portions recommended per use

"Come To Me" Incense Powder is an essential tool for those looking to enhance their romantic and spiritual connections. Its enchanting aroma and effective formulation make it a powerful ally in love and desire-focused rituals.


  • How much incense should I use per ritual?
    • Start with a small amount to ensure controlled burning and adjust as needed.
  • Can this incense be used outdoors?
    • Yes, but ensure it's used in a wind-protected area and in a fire-proof container.
  • Is the incense suitable for daily use?
    • Yes, it can be used as often as desired, keeping safety in mind.

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