Crescent Raven Pentacle Plaque


Discover the mystical essence of transformation and balance with our Crescent Raven Pentacle Plaque. This captivating piece, measuring 5 1/2"h x 5 1/8"w x 3/4"d, embodies the powerful symbolism of the raven, the flow of the crescent moon, and the grounding energy of the pentacle. The raven, with its pointed tail, symbolizes power, fate, and transformation. The crescent moon, or Horned Moon, represents the waxing and waning phases, reflecting the balance of masculine and feminine energies. Intricate Celtic swirl patterns, predating Christianity and rooted in Pagan origins, add a touch of ancient mystique. Together, these elements create a plaque that not only serves as a striking piece of art but also as a focal point for building and focusing energy in any space.

Key Features:

  • Rich Symbolism: Combines raven, crescent moon, and pentacle symbols.
  • Celtic Swirl Patterns: Dynamic asymmetry that pre-dates Christianity.
  • Balanced Energy: Represents the union of masculine and feminine forces.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Durable and artistically designed.
  • Perfect Size for Display: Measures 5 1/2"h x 5 1/8"w x 3/4"d.


  • Dimensions: 5 1/2"h x 5 1/8"w x 3/4"d
  • Theme: Raven, Crescent Moon, Pentacle
  • Style: Celtic, Pagan
  • Usage: Decorative plaque, spiritual focus

The Crescent Raven Pentacle Plaque is a profound addition to any space seeking a touch of the mystical and the ancient. It's perfect for those who appreciate the deep interconnectedness of the natural and spiritual worlds and wish to bring that harmony into their environment.


  • Where can I place this plaque for optimal effect?
    • It's ideal for meditation spaces, altars, or as a decorative piece in any room.
  • Is this plaque suitable for outdoor use?
    • It's designed for indoor use to maintain its quality and appearance.
  • What materials is the plaque made from?
    • It's crafted from durable materials with attention to detail in its design.

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