Cuchulain Plaque


Immerse yourself in the epic saga of Cuchulain with our intricately designed Cuchulain Plaque, a tribute to the legendary warrior of the Red Branch in Ulster, Ireland. This exquisite plaque, measuring 5 1/4"h x 4"w x 7/8"d, captures the valiant spirit of Cuchulain, originally known as Setanta, who embodied the virtues of strength, stamina, and perseverance. Trained by the formidable woman warrior Scathach, and believed to be the son of the Sun God Lugh, Cuchulain’s tale is one of bravery and heroism. The plaque vividly depicts him in battle against the forces of Queen Maeve of Connacht, skillfully wielding the mighty Gae Bolg, a fearsome weapon with 32 barbs, crafted from a sea monster.

Each detail of the plaque brings to life the pivotal moment where Cuchulain, despite Morrigan's attempt to thwart him as an eel, triumphs over adversity, symbolizing protection and guidance in overcoming overwhelming odds. This piece not only serves as a magnificent display of Irish mythology but also as an inspirational icon for resilience and courage in the face of challenges.

Key Features:

  • Rich Mythological Depiction: Illustrates Cuchulain's epic battle and heroism.
  • Symbolic Imagery: Featuring the Gae Bolg and Morrigan in eel form.
  • High-Quality Craftsmanship: Detailed and durable design.
  • Perfect Size for Display: Compact dimensions for easy placement.
  • Inspirational Icon: Represents overcoming challenges with strength and courage.


  • Dimensions: 5 1/4"h x 4"w x 7/8"d
  • Theme: Cuchulain, Irish Mythology
  • Material: High-quality crafting for lasting durability

The Cuchulain Plaque is more than a decorative item; it's a powerful representation of one of Ireland's most celebrated mythical heroes. Ideal for admirers of Celtic lore, this plaque serves as a daily inspiration for strength and perseverance in all endeavors.


  • How can I display this plaque?
    • It can be hung on a wall or displayed on a stand in your home or office.
  • What material is the plaque made from?
    • Crafted from durable materials, ensuring a high-quality and lasting piece.
  • Is this plaque suitable as a gift?
    • Absolutely, it's a perfect gift for anyone interested in Irish mythology and heroic tales.


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