Elastic Bracelet 8mm Round Beads - Unakite


Nurture harmonious relationships with our Elastic Bracelet adorned with 8mm round Unakite Jasper beads. Unakite Jasper is renowned for fostering balanced emotions, promoting harmonious partnerships in both love and business endeavors. Its gentle energy, attuned to the earth, provides a steady source of healing and renewal, making it ideal for personal growth. Associated with the heart chakra, Unakite Jasper also supports the growth of healthy skin tissue.

Key Features:

  • Relationship Enhancement: Fosters healthy, balanced relationships.
  • Business & Love: Supports harmonious partnerships in both realms.
  • Earth Connection: Attunes to the earth, providing steady energy for healing.
  • Heart Chakra Association: Linked with the heart chakra for emotional balance.
  • Skin Health: Promotes the growth of healthy skin tissue.


  • Stone: Unakite Jasper
  • Bead Size: 8mm
  • Wrist Size: 6" to 7.5"
  • Material: Elastic cord
  • Design: Round bead bracelet

Elevate your relationships and emotional balance with our Elastic Bracelet crafted from Unakite Jasper. Experience the gentle, earthy energy that promotes harmony in love and business, fostering personal growth and renewal effortlessly.


Q: How do I cleanse my Unakite bracelet?

A: Cleanse under running water or with sage smoke regularly to maintain its energy.

Q: Can the bracelet be adjusted for smaller wrists?

A: Yes, the elastic design allows for a comfortable fit for wrist sizes down to 6".

Q: How often should I wear the Unakite bracelet?

A: Wear it regularly to benefit from its relationship-enhancing and healing properties, especially during times of stress or when working closely with others.



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