Ginger Fragrance Oil


Ginger Fragrance Burning Oil brings an exotic, spicy appeal to any room. Our special recipe is made with natural ginger essential oils that will titillate the senses and enliven the atmosphere. Light this fragrance-burning oil in your living area, bedroom, or workspace, and enjoy calming aromas of gentle spice with subtle, sweet undertones. Our burning oil is long-lasting and has a unique, woody scent that will invigorate your home with the warmth of ginger. Whether you're looking to clear the air or set the mood, this special fragrance-burning oil will do the trick! Enjoy our exotic blend of essential oils – perfect for any occasion.

The benefits of Ginger Fragrance Burning Oil:

- Made with natural essential oils for an exotic, spicy scent

- Creates a pleasant atmosphere for any room or space

- Long-lasting and will last up to 8 hours

- Subtle sweetness with woody undertones

- Perfect for clearing the air or setting the mood on any occasion!

How to use Ginger Fragrance Burning Oil:

1. Place a burner or diffuser in the desired area

2. Add 2-3 drops of Ginger Fragrance Burning Oil to the burner/diffuser

3. Light an unscented candle and enjoy the aromas of gentle spice!

Don’t wait any longer – try our special Ginger Fragrance Burning Oil recipe.