Hem Hexa Meditation Incense, 20 Sticks Pack


Hem Hexa Meditation Incense 20 Sticks Pack is a unique blend of natural ingredients from India. It has been carefully crafted to help you relax and calm your mind. This incense is perfect for meditation or just creating an atmosphere of tranquility in your home.

The rich scent of sandalwood, jasmine, and other natural aromas will transport you to a peaceful state of mind. The 20 sticks are conveniently packed in a box, making it easy to carry with you on your journeys or keep at home for everyday use.

Each stick burns for approximately 60 minutes, so you can enjoy the scent longer than other incense. Hem Hexa Meditation Incense will provide you with an incomparable sense of relaxation while helping to center and focus your mind. Try it today and feel the calming effects for yourself!