Hem Hexa Money Drawing Incense, 20 Sticks Pack


Hem Hexa Money Drawing Incense is perfect for those looking to bring in more abundance and increase their luck with money. Made from select herbs, resins, and oils, this incense has been used for centuries as an offering of prayer and spirit invocation. The unique scent will fill your home or sacred space with a beautiful aroma and the energy of abundance. Each package contains 20 sticks for maximum benefit.

Burn carefully on a charcoal disc or with an incense burner to activate your desired effect. Use this incense as part of rituals, meditations, and visualizations to manifest a life full of prosperity and abundance. Allow yourself to connect with the power of money, draw incense and open yourself up to the flow of abundance.

Feel your luck changing as you use Hexa Money Drawing Incense to attract wealth and prosperity into your life. With Hem Hexa, bring in good fortune today!  Experience the power of money drawing incense from Hem and watch as abundance flows your way. Get the most out of your rituals and meditations with Hexa Money Drawing Incense. Find your luck and increase your prosperity today! With Hem, let the power of incense bring abundance into your life.  Get started now!