Hem Hexa Palo Santo Incense, 20 Sticks Pack


Hem Hexa Palo Santo Incense is the perfect way to enjoy a rich and luxurious scent in your home. This 20-stick pack offers a wide variety of fragrances, including the classic sandalwood aroma and exotic scents like patchouli and frankincense. Each stick burns for up to an hour and can be used with any incense holder or stand.

The fragrances are created using natural plant-based ingredients, making them safe and effective for purifying the air in your home. Enjoy aromatherapy at its finest with Hem Hexa Palo Santo Incense! This incense pack is an excellent gift for any occasion and can please even the most discerning nose. Bring a touch of luxury into your home with Hem Hexa Palo Santo Incense!