Hem Hexa Pineapple Jasmine Incense, 20 Sticks Pack


Hem Hexa Pineapple Jasmine Incense is a unique blend of natural and essential oils that will bring the calming, peaceful vibes of the tropics into your home. This 20-pack of incense sticks is perfect for setting the mood in any room. Each stick burns slowly and evenly, filling your space with an inviting aroma of sweet, juicy pineapple and fragrant jasmine.

The perfect way to relax your mind and uplift your mood. Light up a few of these sticks and enjoy the aromatherapy benefits that come with them. The all-natural ingredients are sure to give you a peaceful atmosphere every time you use them.

Let this divine scent of pineapple and jasmine linger in the air - it will soothe your senses and add a tropical touch to any room. Get ready to be immersed in an atmosphere of pure bliss with Hem Hexa Pineapple Jasmine Incense!