Keratosis Pilaris Skin Repair Cream


This Keratosis Pilaris Skin Repair Cream is the perfect solution for anyone suffering from KP, chicken skin, or other skin issues. This specialized cream helps to remove acne and decompose aged cutin or melanin, helping to cure keratosis pilaris and promote smooth and brightened skin. It's specially formulated with a powerful blend of moisturizing ingredients to keep skin hydrated and healthy. With its easy application, this cream can be applied all over the body, allowing you to enjoy soft and supple skin. Get your Keratosis Pilaris Skin Repair Cream today and start seeing results!


- Helps remove acne, decompose aged cutin or melanin, and cure keratosis pilaris

- Maintains normal skin ph, hydrates, and nourishes skin

- Easy to apply all over the body

- 50g Curing Keratosis Pilaris Chicken Follicle Skin Repair


- Helps reduce dark spots and brightens skin

- Keeps skin feeling smooth and soft

- Deeply moisturizes for a healthy look and feel

- Non-irritating formula is gentle on the skin.

Usage Tips:

- Apply the cream morning and night onto clean, dry skin.

- Massage into the affected area until fully absorbed.

- Use regularly as part of your daily skincare routine for best results.

Take care of your skin today with this Keratosis Pilaris Skin Repair Cream!


Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Hilma Fay

The cream, although thick, is very well absorbed and does not leave greasy traces!

Aniyah Balistreri

Haven’t tried yet. Hope it works.

Kelton Legros

Everything OK

Madisyn Wilderman

The shipment was unexpectedly fast. I received this newly packaged product with good quality and no damage to the glass
I have been using it for over a week now, and my arm skin used to be very rough. I highly recommend this product!!

Donnell Mueller

used for a few days skin feeling smoother