Lavender Fragrance Body Cream


Treat your body to the luxurious pampering of OEDO's Romantic Lavender Fragrance Body Lotion! This delightfully perfumed lotion is suitable for all skin types and provides a deeply nourishing experience. Infused with natural lavender extract, this cream has a mellow and sweet aroma that will refresh and revive your skin. Its deeply moisturizing properties restore hydration and help alleviate dryness. Regularly used, this cream will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and delicately fragranced with a gentle floral aroma. Its lightweight texture is easy to absorb so that you can enjoy the luxurious pampering of OEDO's Romantic Lavender Fragrance Body Lotion with every application. Experience the blissful relaxation of this heavenly body cream and bring romance into your life!


- Rich Lavender mellow fragrance and sweet fragrance for a refreshing and reviving experience

- Deeply nourishing and hydrating properties to restore moisture levels in the skin

- Delicate floral aroma helps to soothe the senses

- Lightweight texture is easy to absorb for fast hydration

- Suitable for all skin types

- A luxurious pampering experience with every application.


- Revive skin with a delightful lavender fragrance

- Restore hydration and alleviate dryness

- Enhance moisture levels in the skin for silky softness

- Enjoy the blissful relaxation of this heavenly body cream

- Bring romance into your life with every application.

Usage Tips:

Use OEDO's Signature Lavender Fragrance Body Wash for a full body pampering experience for the best results. Reapply the lotion after swimming or bathing to lock in moisture and keep the skin looking its best!

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Consult a doctor if the skin condition worsens. Keep out of reach of children.

Experience the pampering luxury of OEDO's Romantic Lavender Fragrance Body Lotion! Enjoy the delightful floral aroma and deeply nourishing experience with every use. Refresh and revive your skin for a softer, smoother look that makes you feel like a true romantic! Try it today!

Enjoy your pampering moments! OEDO - Romance Your Skin!


Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Kaela Hahn

It was different from what I thought, but the moisturizing power was quite high and I thought it was very kind because it also added a bonus!

Martine Abbott

smells good! it is a light fragrance which is perfect - i just tested it once so far and it does seem moisturzing im excited to see how it does over time! good amount for the price too ! might order again if i like it enough- we'll see!

Braden Hintz

This amazingly arrived very quickly! The cream is very soft and smells very nice! I really like how it feels on my skin.

Titus O'Conner

It came to Me earlier than I thought.
I cannot guarantee skin lightening because at this time in Peru the sun is infernal, per hydrates and spectacularly fills the skin.

Kamille Mante

Amazing thank you so much!!!! The shipping was really fast less then a week tbh 💙💙💙will be buying again. The lotion is very moisturizing.