Madina Cotton Blossom Body Lotion

The hydrating yet non-oily, the Madina Cotton Blossom Body Lotion benefits and leaves skin unquestionably delicate and smooth, bringing change after only one use! Strengthened with solid fixings like super molding Shea Butter, quick retaining Jojoba Oil, and defensive Vitamin E, our top-of-the-line recipe is a definitive, complete body cream! Cotton Blossom is back temporarily! Rub into dry spots like knees and elbows or finish for extreme dampness.

The non-oily Madina Cotton Blossom Body lotion recipe retains rapidly and totally to leave skin feeling unbelievably delicate, smooth, and sustained. It helps in aromatherapy due to its alleviating fragrance that decreases the regular life stress. Peaceful and clean with a light botanical under-note.

It has an exemplary scent of Cotton Blossom that stays for longer. It helps people remember springtime and lifts my mindset each time I use it. However, it enables people to remember spring, and you should wear it in all seasons. When it's a colder time of year, people should utilize it constantly. It smells light and vaporous and can shake your blues away.

  • Smells amazing
  • Non-greasy impact
  • Improves skin health