Nag Champa Seven Chakra Incense Sticks


Nag Champa Seven Chakra Incense Sticks - the perfect addition to your spiritual practice or meditation routine. These handcrafted incense sticks are made with natural ingredients and infused with the captivating fragrance of Nag Champa, specifically designed to balance and harmonize the seven chakras in your body.

Each stick is uniquely colored to correspond with a specific chakra, allowing you to create a holistic experience that enhances your spiritual practice. The natural ingredients used in these sticks make them safe for use in your home or sacred space.

Each pack of Nag Champa Seven Chakra Incense Sticks contains 14 sticks, allowing you to balance and harmonize your chakras for hours. Whether using them for meditation, yoga, or to create a peaceful atmosphere in your home, these incense sticks will surely enhance your spiritual experience.

The beautifully designed packaging makes these incense sticks an excellent gift for yourself or your loved ones. So why wait? Balance and harmonize your chakras with Nag Champa Seven Chakra Incense Sticks today and experience the transformative power of this ancient practice.