The Obatala-Orishas White 7-Day Candle is an essential item to have in your spiritual practice. This candle features a white wax exterior inscribed with prayers honoring the Orisha, Obatala. Obatala is the leader of all the Orishas and embodies wisdom and justice.

Lighting this candle will invoke his energy into your sacred space, helping you gain insight and guidance while seeking balance and order. With its long burning time, this candle can help bring harmony and peace to many days of spiritual work.

It's the perfect addition to any altar or sacred area! Bring forth clarity and understanding with the powerful presence of Obatala by lighting this special 7-day candle. Light it in your sacred space to invoke the energy of Obatala and gain a new understanding of justice and balance in life. The Obatala-Orishas White 7-Day candle is a powerful spiritual growth and healing tool. Discover the profound power of this candle today!