Palo Santo Sticks (1 Pound )


Palo Santo sticks, also known as Holy Wood, are one of the most spiritually powerful tools on earth. These sacred sticks have been used in South American cultures for centuries to drive away negative energy and attract good luck. Their aromatic smoke is believed to promote relaxation, clarity, and peace when burned.

Our Palo Santo sticks are ethically sourced from the dry forests of Ecuador and Peru. They are sustainably harvested from fallen branches to ensure healthy regrowth of the trees without adversely impacting the environment. Each stick has a unique and beautiful woodgrain pattern that adds to its mystical charm.

Palo Santo Sticks will help you create a calming atmosphere wherever you are, from smudging rituals to aromatherapy sessions. Whether you want to practice meditation, invite good vibes into your home, or enjoy their pleasant aroma, these holy wood sticks will bring a sense of serenity and spiritual wellness to the space.

So light up a stick and let it fill your space with good energy. Enjoy the delightful scent and experience the miracle of Palo Santo!