Resin & Incense Brass Screen Burner


This beautiful and classic Resin & Incense Brass Screen Burner is the perfect addition to any home. Crafted from brass, this burner provides a safe but stylish way to enjoy incense without worrying about open flames or burning embers. The bowl-like design features resin inlay along the sides of the bowl, creating a unique and eye-catching contrast with the brass construction.

The clamshell-style lid allows you to conveniently store your incense when not in use while keeping ash cleanly contained during burning sessions. It also has a removable screen for easy cleaning and three wooden legs that keep it firmly grounded on any flat surface. From providing classic aromatherapy benefits to simply adding an attractive decorative piece to your home, this Resin & Incense Brass Screen Burner is sure to add a unique flair to any space. Enjoy the beauty and aroma of burning incense with style. Get yours today!