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Reversible Reversible Wish Oil

Reversible Reversible Wish Oil

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This reversible wish oil can be used to anoint yourself or others for protection and prosperity. Made with pure essential oils, this powerful oil can help you manifest your deepest desires. Whether you're looking for love, success, or abundance, this oil can help you achieve your goals. Simply apply a few drops to your pulse points or inside of your wrists and let the power of intention work its magic.

Benefits of using Reversible Reversible Wish Oil:

-Can be used to anoint yourself or others for protection and prosperity

-Made with pure essential oils

-Helps you manifest your deepest desires

-Achieves goals

-Power of intention

How to Use Reversible Reversible Wish Oil: Start by anointing yourself or someone else with a few drops of oil on the pulse points or inside of the wrists. As you do this, state your intention out loud or in your mind. You can use this oil anytime you need a little boost of positive energy. Reversible wish oil is also great for setting intentions at the start of a new moon cycle or any time you're starting something new in your life.

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