Our YEMAYA-ORISHAS-Blue/White 7-DAY CANDLE is the perfect choice for connecting to the powerful energy of the Santeria orishas. This candle is made from natural wax and has been carefully hand-dipped in deep shades of blue and white with a hint of green. The seven points on this candle represent the seven days of the orisha Yemaya and are designed to burn for one hour each day. The warm blue wax of this candle is meant to bring calming energy, while white wax helps to keep your intentions pure.

The addition of green brings an invigorating energy that can help you focus your intentions and connect to the power of Yemaya. This seven-day candle is an excellent way to honor and connect with Yemaya's energy and other orishas in the Santeria tradition. It is also a beautiful focal point for your home décor. Light this candle each day and let its calming colors bring you peace and serenity.

Honor Yemaya's energy every day with this special candle. Let it bring you closer to the divine energy of the orishas. Experience true power, peace, and joy when you light a YEMAYA-ORISHAS-Blue/White 7-DAY CANDLE.