Collection: Abalone Shells

Abalone shells are gemstones that form under the sea, with beautiful combinations of blues and greens. The pattern created is similar to ocean waves and splashes. These unique shells are considered a delicacy by people all over the world. These shells can amplify feelings of love, peace, and compassion in the spiritual world. They produce a gentle and warm vibration throughout the space. It is the best present for those going through a difficult time. You feel this shell's calm and soothing energy surround you and make you feel strong. Abalone shells are also famous for helping open your intuitive and psychic abilities. Abalone shells are believed to bring prosperity, luck, love, and peace into your life, the Maori people. These shells suit all zodiac signs, and water signs, in particular, may feel a connection to the sea. Abalone shells will be your perfect partner when you need emotional and spiritual guidance in relationships, as this shell enhances your communication, commitment, compromise, and cooperation capabilities. It supports you to be a more extensive, more understanding, and more mature person. You can gift Abalone shells to friends and family who you know have been through traumatic experiences to remind them how strong and beautiful they are today regardless of how hard they have been tossed and turned, as if in the sea.