Collection: Tea Light Oil Burners

Tea light oil burners are one of the most mesmerizing products formed from soapstone, some ceramics, and metals. Many colors are available in soapstone tea light oil burners red, black, blue, and green, and these types of Oil burners are carved into various geometrical, floral, or simple spaces. Tea light oil burners are multipurpose ornaments decorating any room tables and tops. That beautifully scattered light from patterns of carved, lit soapstone lamps gives soothing vibes. These burners not only scent diffusers but also increase your room's charming beauty because of their unique designs. Tea light burners are an initial simple type of diffuser. In these burners, you fill-up the upper compartment with water. Then, pour a few drops of any best essential oils of your liking. The empty lower space should contain a lit candle to warm up and produce an aroma. Order yourself an elegant soapstone tea light oil burner and relish the process.