Collection: Incense Cone

Burning the tip of an incense cone enhances an individual’s mental and physical health. The aroma helps alleviate stress, promoting a healthier mind, body, and soul. It will help you concentrate better while studying, meditating, or performing any activities. Other health benefits include resistance to certain infections and relief from worries and headaches. The pleasant scent helps alleviate anxiety and depression. Focusing on the pleasing aroma and imagining yourself in a better place may distract you from mental and physical pains. To use an incense cone, you have to light the tip of the cone. You can use a match stick or a lighter. Let it burn for around five to ten seconds, and then blow the flame out. A beautiful stream of smoke, like a river, will keep flowing upwards, spreading in the room, getting rid of negativism and low vibrations. Incense cones last the same time as other forms of incense, like incense sticks but may produce more smoke due to their shape. The shape of an incense cone looks very aesthetic when set in space and adds to the overall ambiance. You can burn an incense cone right before you have friends come over to lighten the mood and have a pleasant time. It is a fantastic gift for incense and candle lovers.