Collection: Essential Palace Bar Soaps

After working hours, all one needs is a calming bath or shower to cleanse and calm their body. This relaxing and pampering routine could be enhanced by using essential palace bar soaps, so it’s a perfect combo for your night and morning showers. Essential palace bar soaps are made from all-natural organic material, creating a vegetable base and extractions from nature, and it is formed with sterile equipment. What more need for the skin to be pure and clean in its best possible way? It’s a perfect regime for all skin types providing treatment to damaged skin, having necessary antioxidants, and leaving plumped skin as desired by everyone and anyone. Essential Palace bar soaps prioritize quality skincare for the consumers providing them radiant, soothing, silk, relaxed, refreshed, moisturized, glowing and smooth skin indirectly boosts your confidence to stand out brighter in life. One essential palace bar soap is Neem Soap with Neem Leaf, Ginger & Indian Hemp extract, an antibacterial cleaner best for moisturized skin, pure and soft to touch. Oily and acne-prone skin seeks excellent relief. Grab one for yourself, even for a family, as it’s one of the must-have essentials in the home.